Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nudes, Kneehighs & Silent Sobs

So yesterday was the's First Birthday $1 sale...I RSVP'ed, I made it on to the exclusive list, I marked it on EVERY calendar. I mean, designer dresses and swag: Chloe, Balenciaga, Miu Miu, for ONE DOLLAR. I waited all day Thursday to see if the email revealing the top secret start time had come in...nothing. So I figured, "Okay, I can go to sleep. It'll probably come tomorrow, I'll be up for my 8am class anyways, it can't be earlier than that."

I got up at a reasonable 7:00 am for a Friday morning. Checked my email. IT STARTED AT FREEKING 6:45. I AM 15 MINUTES LATE! "Oh shit!No0ooo0ooooo!" I wake up everyone within a five mile radius. I click the link to the sale to see if anything is left, I mean, it's only 15 minutes right?

SOLD OUT. Everything. A few things without the treacherous pink "Sold Out" button on the pictures were left. Size 10. I'm a 4 on my period days. Well, a nice gift for someone? TOO BAD. PSYCH! Sold out too. "No0oo0ooo0!"

I spent a good half hour clicking desperately at the pictures of the things that could have graced my closet with their timeless beauty. I mourned over the ghosts of fashion that could have been. I sobbed silently in the shower and pouted all the way to my class. Which ended up being canceled but I was too busy checking the Outnet e-mail to notice the one from my professor. Awesome. FML.

So I spent the rest of my day looking at these pictures to make me smile

courtesy of Knightcat

courtesy of OneEyeLand

let me know if you have ever had an excruciating fashion regret, the item "that got away"


  1. What wonderful imeages! I love the last skirt! Really amazing! Xoxo

  2. The same thing happened to me with the Outnet sale!!

    I couldn't believe it!!

    Lovely blog!!

  3. I'm definately in the mood for spring but it's autumn here

  4. Thanks guys! I appreciate it!