Friday, April 2, 2010

Introducing: Jeunesse Doree

Hello all.
This is the debut post of my new blog Jeunesse Doree!
So around December, when the weather was getting colder, grayer and bleaker and I came down with a few more seasonal illnesses than usual,
I began my search for something to make me smile again.
I rediscovered my love of fashion.
Well, I mean, I always knew it was there, I just never thought there was a community out there of people as equally obsessed as I was!
To my excitement I found a few wonderful blogs by some amazing individuals
(specifically ... love Maegan , Daddy Likey and Style Scrapbook )
& ever since, I have realized that fashion brings that extra bit of much needed joy into my life.

But everyone knows that a good shopping day can sometimes be better than a prozac.
It's just fact.

My blog will be about everything from DIY projects, my extremely valuable style critiques (ha...), hidden treasures of the world and random things that make me smile.
The start up will be slow at first, since I am still in classes until May...
but when I get everything all figured out and organized there will be regular outfit posts!
(whoa can hardly wait right?)
Yeah me neither

I'll keep you posted with interesting things until then so don't worry a bit,
and PLEASE keep me on your list of blog reads (and tell some friends!)
Thanks loves!

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