Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Deafening Silence...Explained

So about this week, and next...
Thus, very little time to be fashionable
I swore to myself I wouldn't start this blog until AFTER finals, yet, I love fashion so much I just couldn't keep my blabby hands from typing!
So what's to come after things settle down?

  • regular posts about interesting things (to me anyways...)
  • regular outfit posts
  • regular sharing of my vast knowledge of shopping (cause if there's one thing I know, it is how I would spend the money I don't have...yet, and how to scape by stylishly with the cash I do have)
And I know, all of these promises, but when will I step up?! Hang in there, I'm getting brushed up on my Photoshop skills and trying to figure out which friends I will trap into being my photographer :) I want this to be good, not half-assed. Until then, I leave you with this:

I am eagerly awaiting..
  • the arrival of my ASOS package
  • the's First Birthday!
  • the end of the spring semester
  • the day when wearing this around campus on a sunny day would be appropriate
Alas, a girl can wish.

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