Thursday, April 8, 2010

Marie Claire in the Mailroom

Today while I was "working" in the student mail-room of my school I came across an interesting magazine cover: Jessica Simpson on the cover of Marie Claire with the captions: "No Make-Up; No Photoshop; No regrets." On the cover Jessica is definitely in a paired down face of make-up, but a face of make-up no less. I immediately thought,

"How awesome! Way to go Jess! Wait... I spy some mascara. (Squinting closer under the florescent lighting that makes my head hurt in the basement of our Rec Building) Yup, there's definitely blush too."

Jessica, I applaud your efforts to make us girls, who are constantly bombarded by an unrealistic image of the perfect women by the media, all feel better about ourselves...but you don't look bad with "no make-up" on. At least go all the way, or it's gunna feel like a pseudo-sacrifice on your part. And, even without those tiny little bits of make-up, I doubt you would look hideous anyways. Marie Claire should really try getting someone like Victoria Beckham (here) to try a day without MAC professionals and shellacked on bronzer. Or at least do Jessica Simpson really without make up (here). Then will I believe your efforts at making me feel better are sincere. Until then, please, either wear make-up or don't.

Having suffered with poor self-esteem most of my life and a subsequent eating disorder that almost destroyed my life, I am constantly on the lookout for positive role-models and true efforts at changing society's perverted view on the "normal" woman. Not only for myself to look up to, but for anyone who may need that extra bit of assurance that there ARE women out there (a ton of them) who have it right.

I will climb down off of my soapbox now, and kindly leave you with these two amazing sites and women to ponder about:

  1. Canadian Supermodel Coco Rocha of the OH SO COCO blog. I really REALLY love her uncensored point of view.
  2. Sally McGraw of Already Pretty Blog fame. What can't I say about this site? Truly if I met her I would kiss her (not in a weird way) for making a site like this. She is all kinds of awesome.
xo Shan

Oh p.s. I still prob will watch Jessica's The Price of Beauty on VH1 if nothing better is on that day. I give her a lot of credit for trying.

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  1. love this! finding 'real women' harder and harder to find now that everyone is dying their hair and getting tans. so discouraging.