Monday, May 24, 2010

Multifarious Monday

So I'm starting a theme day to start off the week!
(Maybe this will keep me nice n' regular with my posting like a good glass of Metamucil)
Don't know why I felt the need to say that.

  1. Nooka Watches
Head on over to to check 'em out at temptingly discounted prices (the cute and colorful jelly ones are only $65! Plus, it's INVITE ONLY and if you use my link and buy something it's super nice of you :)
I've been looking for a statement watch lately and these are definitely a possibility

2. WishWishWish

This blog is run by the incredibly cute Londoner, Carrie.
She has impeccable taste, breathtaking photos and videos, lovely content and the best style.
Her blog truly emulates what I hope mine will one day look like
(after I get better at taking photos and my own domain name).
Check out her blog PLEASE. Because it is a guilty pleasure of mine that I want to share this glorious Monday!)
She is also having an awesome giveaway here

3. I'm announcing that I will be happily going to the WONDERFUL
city of New York in a couple of weeks!

I'm looking into design schools and the prospects for me if I move there (I truly consider that city the missing part of my soul). If you know of any must-see places to shop comment please! If you live there I would love to buy you a coffee
(I love to meet new people)

4. This is (Zara is) absurd. Betty is also tres chic et tres magnifique. Check her out

5. I need a new bag. Multi-purpose, large and studded (preferably). Any suggestions?

xo Shan.

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  1. that gold watch is lovely!