Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Today I am officially 19! Yay!
It's the last of my teenage years, which is actually quite terrifying.
Nonetheless, I still dream like a five year old and make mile long wish lists every year on what I will spend my never ending birthday dough on (haha... that right there is one of those wishes).
I had a stupid final and work today of all days.
So, naturally, I spent the entire time I was supposed to be "working" on this little wish list.
Oh, if only...

Birthday Wishes-that-will-prob-never-happen List:
  1. Something, anything, in the awesomely haunting Miu Miu Spring 2010 prints (except the naked ladies one because wearing exposed boobs and vaj on clothing is something I will not do, even if it is Miuccia)
  2. a Mulberry Alexa tote...I would die for one...literally
  3. Something awesome and studded (like these Jeffrey Campbells)
  4. a Canon DSLR camera would realllyyyyy help my (COMING SOON as in a day or so) outfit posts
  5. an iPad (or just an ipod since I froze mine- literally- earlier this year and have been stuck with my 2G outdated nano ever since)
  6. A kitten...oh wait! This one has actually already come true! (More to come about my baby Kyan!)

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