Friday, May 14, 2010

Here it goes: First Ever Outfit Post

top: Banana Republic
skirt and belt: H&M
*two finger bar ring: Obey (
tiger head ring:
gold jaguar purse: vintage
*(clear) wedge shoes: vintage

Well, long overdue, here is my first (VERY experimental) outfit post. Before you judge pleaseeeeee: I am very awkward in front of the camera! Yikes! I started this blog in part to work on my ever-present self esteem issues. Confidence ladies! Confidence! Now if I could only find some...

*Misc. Musings: I was looking at those tights on ASOS for a longgggg time and thinking: "Hey, those are cute." and mentally picturing outfits in which to wear them. Now, mind you, this was in the more winter-y days here in New York . Being a lovvveer of anything contrast-y (see how I like to make words by adding "-y" to the ends of existing ones?), I originally imagined them under some wool shorts and many layers to add a pop of hope and spring to the usual black drab. Well, when spring came early, most of my winter-y clothes went in my off-season closet (yes, I also have multiple closets) so I had to improvise fast because the tights arrived and I needed to wear them! Also, glance at the clear-heeled wedges (subtley chanelling Prada on accident?) and my new favorite long bar ring (mentioned here) and tiger head ring!

~xo Shan

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  1. I like the belt!